Maclaren House Art Gallery

Artist: Al Skaw 

Al's recent series of work evolved at the height of the pandemic, when artists thought they would never be able to display their work to a live audience again.  Al thought, as did many engaged in the arts, that the means to earn a living from their craft had come to an end... And so it began the outline of a story, a story that in the words of Wallace Stevens, was "of ourselves and yet, beyond us".  

The viewer will note that many of the narratives in this exhibition have been stretched nearly to the limit of plausibility or are not true at all, hence the title of this exhibition, Unreliable Narrative.  Some have argued that we live in an age of unreliable narrative, or "fake news".  Such is the zeitgeist in which these works were created.  

This exhibition will stimulate your imagination, cause your creative juices to flow, engage your sense of humour without completely divorcing you from what is serious, but most of all, it will encourage you to discover or rediscover the magnificent and unique history of a group of Canadian artists who described so well, in their inimitable way, the beautiful, free and diverse country in which we live.

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